B-Wallet is a secured digital wallet you can effortlessly create and manage using your Google account. Leveraging Google's robust security framework and smart contract technology, B-wallet does not require users to store or manage private keys, thereby effectively eliminating the risk associated with stolen or missing private keys. Our wallet comes with all the functionalities of MetaMask wallets, including performing secure and fast transactions.

Key Features:

· Simplified wallet creation: Easily create digital wallets using your Google accounts.

· Bleeding edge security: Secured with Google account authentication, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and Biometric verification.

· No private keys required: Reduces the risk associated with missing or stolen private keys.

· Comprehensive portfolio management: View your balance, transaction history, asset distribution across different cryptocurrencies, and more.

· Secure transactions: Send and receive cryptocurrencies and tokens using a more secure and efficient technology.

· QR code scanning: It allows you to scan QR codes instead of manually inputting wallet addresses.

· Easy customization: Customize your wallets to your preferences. You set display preferences, alerts for market movements, and more.

· Smart contract-based transfers: Eliminate gas fees by utilizing smart contracts for cryptocurrency and token transfers.

· Cryptocurrency purchases: Buy cryptocurrencies through reputable exchanges or traditional payment methods.

· Web3 DApp compatibility: Use your wallet to connect and access the numerous decentralized applications on our Web3 DApps platform.

· Detailed transaction history: B-Wallet gives you a comprehensive view of your transaction history, including dates, amounts, recipients, and more.

· Exportable reports: Easily export your transaction history for tax and other purposes.

· Responsive customer support: Solve all your queries quickly by connecting with our customer support via live chat, phone, or email.

· Comprehensive support resources: Access support materials like FAQs, video tutorials, how-to guides, and more.

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