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Technology Overview

BuildAI offers a robust blend of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain solutions that users can leverage to automate their business operations, optimize communications, simplify everyday tasks, enhance productivity, unlock new levels of innovation, and ultimately grow faster. Our ever-increasing technology stack is designed to empower users with increased efficiency, improved decision-making, unparalleled flexibility, and more. Some innovative AI technologies available on BuildAI include:

1. Decentralized Applications (DApp)

BuildAI DApp brings a comprehensive suite of powerful AI-driven tools you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life to automate mundane and tedious tasks, work smarter, and boost your overall productivity. It includes tens of easy-to-use and affordable AI utilities you can use to get things done in less time, cut operational costs, and grow your business faster. Some AI-powered tools on our DApp platforms include AI mental wellness coach, AI personal chef, AI art tutor, dream interpreter, personal shopping assistant, joke generator bots, AI fitness coach, and more.

2. BuildAI Developers Hub

BuildAI Developers Hub provides access to a wide range of artificial intelligence APIs that developers, startups, and large enterprises can use to create AI-powered applications or integrate AI into their existing apps. Users will get access to speech recognition APIs, text APIs, generative APIs, translation APIs, and more. With BuildAI Developer Hub, you will not have to worry about building AI capabilities from scratch, as you can easily access them from our platform and integrate them with your applications.

3. Build View AI

Build View AI harnesses the power of AI to provide experienced and beginner token traders with the detailed information they need to make informed investment, buying, or selling decisions. For instance, you can leverage our Bot to discover trending tokens in an exchange and decide which to buy or sell. It has features that let you know if a token is renounced, verified, or locked. Additionally, Build View AI comes with features that provide a comprehensive analysis of digital tokens and share essential information such as the token's buy & sell tax, total liquidity value, social links, deployer address, team analysis, and more.

4. B-Wallet

B-wallet is an innovative and secure smart wallet you can effortlessly create and manage using your Google account. Unlike MetaMask wallets, it utilizes smart contract technology, so it does not require users to store or manage private keys, thus reducing the risks of stolen or missing private keys. Our B-Wallet boasts several unique features, including smart contract-based transfers, Google account authentication, simplified wallet creation, enhanced portfolio management, QR code scanning, Web3 DApp compatibility, and more.

5. B-Extension

B-Extension is an innovative AI-powered utility designed to empower users of Trading Platform X with the tools needed to make informed buying and selling decisions and earn more profits. Users can leverage our utility to get essential information about tokens, real-time market prices, insights into market social sentiments, information about token top holders, and more. Plus, you can use B-Extension's features, like copy trading and limit orders, to automate your trading activities.

6. Cloud Infrastructure

BuildAI is built on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and uptime for all users. Our cloud-based storage, computing resources, and unmatched deployment capabilities allow users to scale their AI solutions effortlessly to meet their growing demands. Whether you need infrastructure to serve a handful of users or millions of customers, BuildAI has you covered.

7. Continuous Innovation

BuildAI is committed to continuous innovation. We are regularly incorporating the latest AI advancements, adding new features, and refining user experiences to meet the evolving needs of our users. Through ongoing research and development, we aim to cement our position as the world's leading hub for artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

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