๐Ÿ’ฐBuildAI Revenue Sharing Overview

Welcome to the BuildAI Revenue Sharing page! We're excited to outline the diverse revenue generation options available through our platform.

Revenue Distribution Strategy:

ยท 60% Buybacks and Burns: A significant portion of the revenue, 60%, will be allocated towards buybacks and burns of our tokens, enhancing value for all stakeholders.

ยท 20% Marketing: To ensure our growth and visibility in the competitive landscape, 20% of the revenue will be invested back into marketing.

ยท 20% Development: Continuing to innovate and improve our offerings, 20% of our revenue will fund ongoing development efforts.

Revenue Streams:

1. Developer's Hub

Rent access to our robust APIs and integrate BuildAI capabilities into your own projects. Our APIs are designed to empower developers by providing advanced AI tools that enhance functionality and user experience.

2. Builder's Hub

We offer paid marketing services tailored for high-quality projects seeking enhanced visibility within the BuildAI ecosystem. Leverage our targeted marketing solutions to reach a broader audience.

3. Build View AI

Utilize advertising slots in our Build View AI section. These ad sections are strategically placed to capture the attention of engaged users, providing an excellent opportunity for visibility.

4. Dapp

Our decentralized application (Dapp) features both a banner ad area and a subscription model designed specifically for non-crypto users, allowing for a broader monetization strategy that caters to a diverse user base.

5. Build Extension

The Build Extension not only offers premium features but also includes a transaction fee of 0.5% on each transaction processed through the extension, creating a steady revenue stream.

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