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Build View AI

Build View AI is an innovative AI-driven Bot that gathers and provides traders with comprehensive information about digital tokens. We developed this Bot to provide you with the insights you need to make informed buying, selling, or investment decisions. Build View AI helps you discover trending tokens and share information such as current price, liquidity value, social links, deployer address, and more.

Key Features:

· Trending tokens: Helps discover which tokens are trending on an exchange

· Token security: Shows whether a token is renounced, verified, or locked

· Deployer address: Displays the wallet address that deploys the token

· Balances of contract & liquidity pool

· Max transaction amount

· Max holding token amount limit

· Buy tax & sell tax

· Total liquidity value

· All toke social links

· Token current price

· Full & short screen

· WhaleMap

· OverlapMap

· AirdropMap

· EarlyBuyersMap

· JeetMap

· Top 15 holders

· Team analysis

· Charts & trading analysis, including audit information

· Wallet profit and loss analysis

· Buy & sell trades

· Miscellaneous features (ETH and gas prices)

· TweetMetrics crypto

· CommunityPulse

· Community map

· KOL Spotlight

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