B-Extension is an innovative utility designed to empower users of Trading Platform X by equipping them with all they need to streamline their decision-making and enhance their profitability. With B-Extensions, you can get quick access to essential token information, gain insights into token price movements, automate your trading activities, identify market sentiments, discover potential price movement, and much more.

Key Features:

· Access token detail: Provides essential information about tokens, including token name, address, network, 24-hour volume, price, and more.

· Real-time price chart: Get updates on market trends in real-time, including insights into token price movements.

· Enhanced manual trade: Trade better with easily customizable options for slippage, gas price, gas limit, and more.

· Automated trading: Utilize features like copy trading and limit orders to automate and simplify your trading activities.

· Essential trading metrics: Equips you with metrics, such as Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index, needed to make informed trading decisions.

· Supports multiple networks: Currently built to support trades on the ETH network, B-Extension is being expanded to support Base and Solana networks in the near future.

· Social sentiments: Gives you an edge by providing accurate social media sentiment analysis on cryptocurrencies and tokens.

· Top holders, Fresh wallet: Monitors top holders and provides information about their trading activities, thereby providing insights into potential price movements.

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