B-Wallet: Chrome Extension Development

B-Wallet aims to create a robust Chrome extension that allows users to manage wallet functionalities seamlessly through Gmail integration. The development is divided into two main versions with specific milestones.

Main Version Timeline:

May to August (4 Months Total)

- May: Frontend workflow, wireframing, and initial research on trending crypto symbols.

- June: Backend and smart contract setup, UI implementation for wallet management.

- July: User interface enhancements for asset management and smart contract development.

- August: API integration, comprehensive testing, and deployment.

Second Version Timeline:

September to October (2 Months Total)

- September: Research and development on auto-trading strategies and AI model preparation.

- October: Implementation of trading UIs and scripts, final testing, and release of trading functionalities.

Mobile App Wallet

Parallel to the Chrome extension, a mobile version of the B-Wallet is planned, ensuring feature parity and accessibility.

Development Timeline:

Total Duration: 2 months

- Initial Phase: Two weeks for Figma design.

- Development Phase: Complete app development over two months.

Desktop App Wallet

A desktop version is also scheduled to mirror the mobile app's capabilities, providing a seamless user experience across devices.

Development Timeline:

Total Duration: 2 months

- Initial Phase: Two weeks dedicated to Figma design.

- Development Phase: Desktop app development spanning two months.

Build View Bot

This AI-driven bot will support both Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), enhancing user interaction with real-time data and trading opportunities.

Detailed Timeline:

May (1 Month Total)

Week 1: Implementation of JeetMap for trend detection.

Week 2: OverlapMap analysis of ongoing trends.

Week 3: UI updates to incorporate advertising features.

Week 4: Integration of analysis commands, thorough testing, and release.


The B-Extension aims to transform X into a full-fledged trading platform. This document outlines the development roadmap detailing the planned features, milestones, and timelines.

Phase 1: May ~ June 2024

Token Details:

- Name, Token Address, Network, Token Price, 24h volume.

- Real-time Price Chart.

Trading Features:

- Manual Trade: Slippage, Gas Price, Gas Limit.

- Auto Trade: Limit orders, Copy trade.

Vital Metrics for Trading:

- Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Movement Index.

Blockchain Support:

- Initially supporting Ethereum (ETH).

Phase 2: Q3 - 2024

Expand Chain:

● Base

● Solana

● Polygon


● Arbitrum

Support below crypto websites:

● Dextools,

● Dex screener,

● CoinGeko

● Coinmarketcap

● Etherscan

- Top Holders

- Fresh Wallet

- Social Sentiments

- News Panel for the token and NFT

AI NFT detection:

AI automatically compares the images in your Twitter feed.

Connect with members from your NFT communities:

Connect with the team and top holders from your favorite collections.

Phase 3: Q4 - 2024

Support below crypto websites

● Photon

● Uniswap

● Defilama

● Moralis money

Trading integration with CEX ( Binance, Bybit )

Signals and Price Prediction Alerts: Implement price prediction alerts and signals, notifying users.

- Trade on behalf of users based on AI-driven signals and sentiment analysis.

- Real-time sentiment analysis of crypto tokens from social media sources - X, TG & Websites

NFT Personalization:

Turn your social media feed into a canvas of personalized NFT profile pictures.

- Mobile App Development

Detailed Weekly Plan (May ~ June 2024):


- Week 1: Begin half of the Figma design workflow.

- Week 2: Complete the Figma design.

- Week 3: Develop the front-end Main Dashboard (Token Detail Price Chart).

- Week 4: Develop the front-end for Manual Trade.

- Week 5: Develop the front-end for Auto Trade.


- Week 1: Develop and integrate the back-end for Token Detail Price Chart with Front-end.

- Week 2: Develop and integrate the back-end for Manual Trade with Front-end.

- Week 3: Develop and integrate back-end analytics for tokens (Metrics: Moving Averages, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Movement Index).

- Week 4: Develop and integrate the back-end for Auto Trading with Front-end.

End of June: Official launch.

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